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As a mission-driven company, we’re working hard to realize a world where language learning is both considered a science and an art. You can maintain your creative momentum without putting your life on hold. Short online training series at Ollang will help you find inspiration that fits in your schedule too.

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How to Improve Your Listening Skills?

Rustam Bakhtiyarov

Open Call #1: Why enroll in

Localization School?

You’ll receive tailored guidance like you never have before with the flexibility you need:

  • Learn from Industry rockstars.
  • Take courses that fit your schedule.
  • Learn from anywhere by downloading our mobile app and learn on the go.
  • Learn for free. And earn a certificate to share your achievement.
Your Transformation into a Wordsmith


Learn new skills and knowledge in a variety of ways from engaging videos to personal experience sharing. A lot of tips and tricks await you here.


Ollang provides you a space to practice with quizzes and assessments because you must “practice like you’ve never won and perform like you’ve never lost.”


The education you receive is from the real world and for the real world—immediately apply your new capabilities to your work.

Meet The Trainers

Ollang Trainers are industry experts, legends, and rock stars eager to share their knowledge, wisdom, and tried-and-tested techniques with you.

Francis Eke Metoho

“Localization School was an investment in one’s self. An investment in knowledge that can never lose value or be taken away and in the process of curating this course for Ollang, I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn.”

United Nations Accredited Interpreter

Vladlena Tcherkachina

“Collaborating with Ollang has been a thought-provoking and positive experience. I believe that as educators we are obliged to share our knowledge with the rest of the world because this way it becomes better. If one of my videos is of use to at least one person, it is already a big success to me.’’

DELTA-qualified ESL teacher

Rustam Bakhtiyarov

Localization School has been an enjoyable project for me to work on. Hope the viewers enjoy it too. I tried to put together some of the most effective tips and strategies for improving listening skills. I hope you will enjoy this course and benefit from it. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. Happy listening! 🙂

ESL Instructor

Suggestion Box

Got some suggestions for us? Drop-in here.

Are the courses paid?
No, all the courses at Localization School are free. Anybody can enroll in these courses and earn a certificate for free. The platform does not require any registration fee either. Sign up for free and start learning today.
Who can enroll?
Anybody! Right from a person wanting to learn a new language to travel to a new country to a person wanting to get an edge in his job with an additional language on his profile. You only need to be a learner for our courses. People looking for guidance from industry experts before diving into the language field are welcome to our Localization School. People not having the time to enroll in a full-time course can take advantage of our self-paced short training courses and learn languages as per their convenience.
How can I find a course that suits me best?
You may read the course descriptions and find out what a course has to offer. If you find the description relevant to your needs, you may start that course.
What if I don’t find a course relevant to my needs?
If in case, you don’t find a course relevant to your needs in the current catalog, you may leave a suggestion in the Suggestion Box and let us know what you would like to learn and we would try to bring you a course on that topic. New courses will be launched regularly.
Are the courses self-paced?
Yes, all the courses are self-paced so that you are able to learn at your own pace. We have designed courses that can fit anywhere in your schedule.
What languages are the courses available in?
The Universal Approach – Our courses have a universal approach. How? We provide the courses with subtitles in multiple languages so that all of us can learn and grow together. We do not want a language barrier to come in the way of learning and staying true to our mission and vision, we provide our courses to a universal audience. The learners can put on captions of their own language and make the best out of our courses. Language was not made to be a measure of intellect, it was only made to be an instrument of bringing people together. Currently, we are offering our courses in English, Turkish, Spanish, and Arabic languages, but we will add more languages.
How can I participate as a trainer?
If you would like to participate in this mission of ours and would like to join our Localization School to share your knowledge with the world as a means of giving back to your field, please contact us at

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