Learning Enthusiasts Come Together at Localization School

You don’t learn to walk by following the rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over and getting up again…

Quotes can be a great source of motivation if they tap into your experiences. If you are at a point in your life where you need to embrace failures as opportunities for new starts, give an ear to Richard Branson’s words “…learn by doing, and by falling over…” Learning is a bumpy road with ups and downs, and taking a few wobbly steps, falling over, getting back on your feet and trying again are the natural flow of the process. 

By adopting this mindset, that is learning is a lifelong process, we want to take side by side with all people who are eager to learn, develop themselves and fuel their potential by discovering their unexplored skills. This is where the value of the Localization School project lies. 

What is Localization School?

Through the business we do each day for our clients by offering them AI-powered video captioning, dubbing and subtitling solutions, we strive to put our mindset, that is think locally to reach global realms, into practice. Innovation and quality at scale lies at the core of our system which brings machine automation and human intelligence together. The ultimate goal of our endeavor is to create a media landscape that is more accessible and inclusive, with local tastes and delicacies being thoroughly recognized. 

In this sense, Ollang is more than just a profit-based business. As it contributes to the democratization of media by making original content that is watchable in a variety of consumers’ native languages, it also looks for ways to give back to the translator and linguist communities around the world. Although we ran several courses and training sessions in the past, Localization School is our first full-fledged attempt that pairs a seasoned line-up of linguists and instructors with the ease of learning at your own pace

Are courses only for translators and interpreters?

Of course not! Anybody can enroll in our courses.

Having access to learning opportunities is a universal right which cannot be limited to specific areas of expertise. Of course, people tend to show interest in subjects related to their professions; however, in a world where lines and categories are blurred and upskilling is coming to the spotlight, we know that people feel an urge to stretch beyond and discover the joy of learning the unfamiliar and adding new languages to their bags. 

Our courses are open to anyone who defines themselves as enthusiasts of learning languages and cultures. For more information, you can visit our Localization School webpage

All courses are free of charge

You do not need to worry or be discouraged from high fees because we do not charge you for enrolling in our courses. You will not have to pay anything during the process, be it the enrollment or registration fee, be it the payment for getting your certificate. 

In short, if you are looking for guidance from industry experts before diving into the language field or want to sharpen your skills, you are more than welcome to join our Localization School.

You can visit our Localization School webpage to get more information about enrollment processes, courses and our trainers. 

Localization School Will Keep Growing…

Our School will be launched with some specific courses but new sessions covering a variety of subjects and trends will be added to the curriculum on a regular basis. In other words, it is not a completed project but one which will be reframed and evolved over the months and hopefully years to come. 

While deciding the first subjects, we have emphasized on tackling the challenges our translators often face. From the students and new graduates, we occasionally hear that they often face a gap of guidance when it comes to answering their doubts and satisfying their hesitations before embarking on their careers. So, we went to professional translators & interpreters with extensive experience in the field to create a course together. Their insights will not only shed a light on the possible career options for translators, interpreters and language learners but also peek through the curtain and tell personal stories of seasoned translators & interpreters. 

All courses are curated by adopting the same approach: First, by identifying the woes of our community of learners and then, acting on their needs and expectations. Most people want to master practices that will sharpen their listening skills or explore convenient and manageable ways to learn a new language while working or studying at the same time. Therefore, we designed our initial curriculum around these topics together with our instructors

The Most Effective Strategy For Elearning: Micro-content 

Online learning typically requires 40–60% less time than traditional learning environments if the right methods are applied. The benefits of e-learning were recognized even before the pandemic but as the world has shifted to remote styles of working and learning during the past 2 years on a much larger scale, both corporate and educational settings aim to put effective mechanisms in place so that their elearning initiative comes to fruition. 

Micro-content is one of such crucial methods. It divides the learning material into easily digestible, short and memorable sessions, thus making it ideal for people who cannot attend an hour-long session as they may be on the go or have a tight schedule due to school or work. 

All content of the Localization School courses are offered in 5 to 10 minutes-long episodes, complemented with assessments, mini tasks as well as some important resources and key learning lists provided by the instructors themselves. 

You will easily acquire the highlights of the episodes, strengthen your gains with assessments and earn a certificate at the end of the course as a mark of your achievement. 

Localization School removes linguistic barriers

Tired of courses offered in only English or another single language? As we have already emphasized, learning should be a right that all people should enjoy regardless of their language or location. But what is the meaning of talking the walk without walking the talk? We asked the same question to ourselves and designed our curriculum so that courses will have subtitles in multiple languages, thus making valuable learning content accessible to a universal audience. As a learner, you can put on captions of your own language and focus on the process of learning rather than struggling to understand a language you are not fluent in or you do not miss nuances because of unfamiliar accents. 

A Call from Ollang to the World: Join Among Us As a Trainer

If you want to share your knowledge and experience in the field with a global audience, our doors are always open. While your deep insights will reach large groups of learners in multiple languages, you will gain a chance to refresh your knowledge, get introduced to Ollang’s world and earn a certificate from our side. 

Mary Anne Radmacher expresses it beautifully: “As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.” 

If you are interested in illuminating new paths, please contact us at people@ollang.com.

Burcu Uluçay,

Content Creator & Storyteller at Ollang