• 7 Lessons

    Become an AI Dubber at Ollang

    Ollang has specially designed this course for its translators who would also want to try their hands at AI Dubbing. Ollang’s solutions are the perfect combination of technology with the human touch. Our AI Dubbing tool is ready and needs your human touch now. This course will provide you with the training to become an AI Dubber at Ollang, and the successful candidates will get exclusive access to our AI Dubbing projects. Our mission is to upskill our translators and add a new feather to their hats and prepare them for the future of Ollang.

  • 6 Lessons

    How to Improve Your Listening Skills

    The first course is designed by our trainer, Rustam Bakhtiyarov. It’s especially designed for audiovisual translators, game localizers, interpreters, IELTS and TOEFL aspirants who wish to perform better in the listening department. Communication is about both speaking and listening and the latter is often overlooked. Thus, we thought about bringing you a course that focuses solely on this very important element of a communication process. You'll concentrate on improving your listening abilities in this course, as well as setting yourself up for effective communication. You will learn how to improve your listening skills, deal with obstacles to active listening which will dispel popular myths about listening in this course.